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From Omsk to Vienna

Andrey from Omsk State Transport University went to study at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

I got to know about the scholarship from staff at my home university’s international office. I just asked about any possible exchange programs and they informed me. For the application I had to prepare all the documents listed on the web site of MULTIC. Additionally, I passed an English language exam in order to get a certificate to prove my level of command in English. As for me, the most difficult part of the application procedure was the process of preparing the learning agreement. I had to find appropriate study programs, to contact many people by e-mail until I’d found the most appropriate university and study program. And I experienced a lot of preparations to make sure an accordance of study plans.

I went to study at Vienna University of Technology. At first it is worth mentioning that it’s a great university. I liked it very much. I liked everything there: every aspect of the study process.

Most courses I’ve taken there were related to mechatronics or robotics since that’s my major. Certainly I did not manage to register for all the courses I would have liked to, but nearly all. There were some difficulties with schedule, because some courses were held at the same hours.

My mobility lasted 5 months, minimal amount for undergraduates. I had two weeks off from studying before the beginning of semester and two weeks off after. So, my classes lasted four months. Almost all of the courses I attended at TU Wien were recognized at my home university. Actually at the host university I had more courses, ten. Because I registered in some additional courses which were interesting to me.

Before my arrival to Vienna I expected, that the level of education is very high there, and I was right. Most professors there are really talented people. Coming there, I had a hope to improve my English, and I managed to do it. I used to practice English very often, even beyond the walls of the university. Certainly, that’s obvious, because I didn’t speak German, at all. So, I had to communicate in English everywhere. My main purpose is to obtain a degree in Europe, although I haven’t done it yet, I’m going to do it in the future, and this program MULTIC has helped me a lot, because now I know where I want to study – Vienna. Before this semester I never visited laboratories on microsystem technology, I’ve done it in Vienna. They have very good equipment. And they have very valuable experience in modern areas of science and technology.



I appreciate the organization of the program, it was organized really very well. All the steps were done in time, I didn’t have to wait for documents or tickets, everything was sent in time. I was provided with all needed information as well. Certainly, at first I was worried about the accommodation booking, deposit and so on. Finally it turned out to be not a difficult procedure. So, I’m truly satisfied with the organization procedure. The staff at the international office of TU Wien were very friendly; they immediately solved any arising problem.

I think the most important value added I retained from the experience of mobility was my improved skills to search the solution to any problem by myself. At first after my arrival to Vienna, I had to orientate around the city by myself, to care about SIM-card, bank account and so on. Also it was necessary to care about householding, since I lived in dormitory. So, it helped me to improve self-dependence. The method of teaching at the university is quite different from the common one in Russia. Professors at TU Wien require students to do most of the work by themselves, and then the acquired knowledge is checked. I like this approach, because teachers can distribute the topic among students by subtopics or smaller parts for self-studying. This approach is much more efficient, more knowledge is retained. 

Certainly, I would recommend to others to participate in EM Partnership, because it seems to me to be the best opportunity to study abroad. The best conditions are created for students in this program. That’s a great opportunity to improve knowledge, language, personal skills and  to meet nice people as well.

This year is the last one for my 5-years Diploma Degree program, I’m going to apply for a master degree program at TU Wien within EM program, or otherwise continue studying for PhD degree.

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