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From Omsk to Wroclaw

Valeriya from Omsk State Transport University went to study at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland.

I was very lucky when I got a grant for studying as an exchange student within the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme. Before I have never thought that it would realistic to study abroad for a normal student. But now I am sure all is possible and it depends generally on your desire.

I made the absolutely right decision when I chose Wroclaw University of Technology for doing my exchange period. I liked the country Poland and the city Wroclaw where I lived during this period, I liked the university where I studied.

As the Polish as well as the Russian language are within the Slavic group of languages it was very easy to study Polish and to communicate with Polish people. Plus the fact that traditions in this country don’t differ so much from Russian ones I didn’t feel myself so far from home and from my country.

Wroclaw is a very nice and beautiful city in which most of the inhabitants are students; not only polish but also international ones from many countries. Because of that there are a lot of student’s places designed to bring color into student’s life.

Wroclaw University of Technology is one of the prestigious universities of Poland and Europe.

In the university there is ESN (Erasmus student network) organization which always organizes different events for exchange students such as excursions to the city, to the university and to other Polish cities, as well as student parties, events connected with acknowledgments of  international cuisine, Christmas events, etc. which in general helps exchange students to join Polish and university life. Thanks to that organization I had a volunteer who fetched me at the airport and helped me to lodge in the dormitory. I was lodged in the nice dormitory, people who worked there were very hospitable and kind, they explained everything to me when I arrived and when I left. 

When I arrived to Wroclaw for me it was hard to choose the right subjects I had to study, because there were changes in schedule and I tried to find subjects which were related to my principal subject. But coordinators on the Faculties helped me to solve this problem. They gave me course lists and descriptions. I chose subjects from Mechanical Faculty and Computer Science Faculty on different academic levels. Therefore it was very interesting as I studied with different groups of students and I was very glad that the students I met were kind and friendly.

Studying at Wroclaw University of Technology was a great experience for me because it was in English and the level of education was different. Studying there is quite hard especially for Russians because the European educational system is different. But most of the lecturers were nice and they were ready to help with problems related to the subjects.

Studying as an exchange student helped me to improve my English level and I acquired additional knowledge concerning my field of study.

What I also liked was that the university organized different seminars and I had the opportunity to take a part in a 3-day-Seminar – off-campus with a group of Master students studying Automotive Engineering. There we discussed problems like Vehicle recycling and Green Fuels. Additionally, I took a part in the Faurecia's Company Presentation.

Another aspect I liked in this university was that I could attend Polish language courses and one foreign languages course for free. It is great that there is such an opportunity for students to attend such kinds of courses.   

Being in Wroclaw was very fascinating, funny and impressive. Besides my studying I attended many student events organized by ESN organization. I met many new people from all parts of the world. It was amazing to hang out with foreign people, to know about their countries, about their traditions.

Life in Wroclaw is very interesting and not expensive. It’s a student’s city.

During my exchange period I had a scholarship sufficient for residence. It allowed me to live in Wroclaw very good and also to travel on weekends. I have explored Poland: I have been in Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Sopot, Poznań, in a famous castle Książ. But the most impressive for me was the visit to Auschwitz concentration camp, one of the largest of the Nazi concentration camps built and operated during World War II.  Also I have been in Vienna, Prague, Milan, Venice, Florence, Piza, Rome and Paris. This programme also gave me the opportunity to explore new places, to see the world.

It was the best what happened in my life. It is so great that such program as Erasmus Mundus exists. It allows students who don’t have a chance to study abroad by payment to do it and I wish that it would be more places for students to be enrolled there. I was so lucky that I was accepted in this program. I would like to be enrolled in Master Program and I will try to do it surely.

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