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From Moscow to Vienna

Olga from the National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» in Moscow went to study at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

From February till June 2011 I took part in Erasmus Mundus Exchange Program at Vienna University of Technology. This feedback report contains some of my experience and advice for future exchange students.




The search of dormitory was carried out fully by OeAD GmbH. It was only necessary to register on website and to note wish conditions. I got a typical student room. It was very small, but comfortable. There is a volunteer organization «Erasmus Buddy Network» at Vienna University of Technology. This organization helps Exchange students with accommodation and other aspects in Austria. Volunteers of «Erasmus Student Network» organize different cultural events, as well as collective tours, excursions, as well as parties, DVD-evenings, international dinners, where Erasmus students and students from Austrian universities can get together.

As soon as I have got known about results of the scholarship application, I got an offer, to register on the website One of the goals of «Buddies» is to make it easier for exchange students to get along during their first weeks in a new country.




The main aim of my studying was to carry out research work and to write my master thesis. I attended additional lectures. It must be noted, that all the students can attend as many lectures as they like.

Furthermore, there are German courses for foreign students in Vienna University of Technology, which I attended. The University offers to take part in a learning project «Tandem Language Learning». You only need to register on their website, and they will find you a student that learns your mother language, and for him the language, you learn, is native.

The laboratories of the university are very well equipped and the research team is very friendly to foreign students. I successfully carried out all I had planned: passed examinations, made research work and wrote diploma thesis. After my return, I defended my diploma thesis at my home university with the grade «excellent».


Experience and impressions


Studying at Vienna University of Technology gave me a good opportunity to take part in integration process, which covers all fields of applied science. Furthermore, I made personal contacts with contemporaries and recognized specialists of Vienna University of Technology, that will be very useful for me and my future work in this branch.

Studying at Vienna University of Technology gave me the opportunity to get experience and new knowledge from leading specialists of world level in the field of magnetic phenomena, and to lead me to an international research level. This summer I entered postgraduate school, and I’d like to continue working in this branch.

Don’t miss the opportunity of such an experience. It’s very interesting to be a foreigner once, to speak foreign languages and, of course, to get friends from all over the world. Staying abroad gives an ability to understand different cultures, traditions and the way of living of various nations.

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