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Ural State University of Economics

The Ural State University of Economics (USUE) was founded in 1967, it is a large educational and research center in Russia.

It is a basic multiple-discipline economic higher learning establishment in the Ural region, which trains more than 15,000 students. Since its foundation in 1967, more than 450,000 students have graduated from the University.

The University contains 4 administration offices: 

  • the administration office of economy
  • the administration office of finance and law 
  • the administration office of management and informatics
  • the administration office of commerce, catering and service

560 lecturers are teaching at the University, among them 51 Doctors of Sciences and Professors and 220 Candidates of Sciences.

The mission of USUE is to meet the demand of businesses for highly-skilled and professional workforce and, consequently, to contribute to the economic prosperity of the Urals Region by providing training at a level comparable with international academic standards. Through its educational activities, USUE seeks to enhance the spirit of enterprise, fair competition, rationality and social responsibility among its students.

USUE is determined to continue as an institution which encourages students to apply their knowledge and skills in managing the Russian economy and finance, and respecting and defending human rights, the democratic system and legal constituents of the state, the market economy and civil liberties.

Since its foundation, the University has been committed to the training and development of highly-skilled and professional workforce. This objective has been a priority since the start of reforms in the educational system of Russia. Today’s highly competitive educational environment, along with Russia signing the Bologna Convention, has made USUE modify its strategy for higher education and establish the following priorities:

To offer a practical approach to high value-added educational programmes
To implement student-centre and interactive teaching
To continuously adapt educational programmes to the needs of individuals, markets and businesses
To recruit high calibre teaching staff
To promote interaction between knowledge and practice
To develop an interdisciplinary view of educational programme
To foster co-operation between research and business

USUE is seeking to develop globally effective graduates with a strong sense of citizenship and social responsibility. Our graduates need to be equipped to make professional contributions in a global knowledge-based environment. 

Universal library stock-reserve amounts more than 750,000 publications in Russian, English, German and French and contains official, information, reference, normative and other publications. There is the University Publishing House that has a state license and a printing precinct.

The Information-Computing Centre (ICC) guarantees students to be trained in informatics fundamentals and gives practical skills for working with software professionally in economic activity. Computers, personal computers in specialized class-rooms are pooled into a local computing network.

There is also pre-University training system for young people wishing to enter our University.

Research investigations are represented by University scholars in a number of republican and regional programs and research projects. Annually, the University conducts All-Russian research, practical and methodological conferences (with foreign participants). Students are actively involved in research investigations of the departments. The work results are submitted for the University competitions and also for All-Russia competitions. Different subject contests are regularly held at the University.  

Our University has established long-term relations with the US Consulate General, the UK Consulate General, DAAD, universities in the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany. USUE has welcomed guest speakers and specialists from the USA, France, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Mongolia. Over 230 teaching staff and 150 students have participated in academic and student mobility.

Our strengths are: new teaching educational methods, practical approach to the training of students, competent approach in the process of the student’s education in economic science

We maintain contact with the largest companies in Sverdlovsk region and Russia. We take part in joint projects and  companies offer our students work experience.  

We have already had an experience of successful cooperation with the European Universities (for example, The University of Applied Science (in Bruehl, Germany), The European University Viadrina (Frankfurt (Oder), Germany),  The University in Wiesbaden, (Germany), the University in Plzen (Czech Republik), Zagreb school of economic and management (Croatian) and others).

In the end of 2008 the USUE  became the full member of the international association of leading European business schools of hotel management EURHODIP.

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