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Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Tomsk State Pedagogical University (TSPU) was founded in 1902. It is the oldest pedagogical institution in Asiatic Russia. Nowadays the University has a steady 3rd -7th rating among pedagogical and linguistic universities of Russia in the official rating of Federal Agency of Education.

In 2009 more than 13000 students were enrolled in TSPU. The number of international students is constantly increasing, at present there are more than 120 international students are enrolled for different degree programmes.

Training is provided by highly qualified professors, researchers and teachers. The academic staff of TSPU counts 467 faculty members, 327 of them have a scientific degree and/or academic title. TSPU employs  63 professors, two members of the Russian Academy of Science, five members of the Russian Academy of Education and one member of the Russian Academy of Agriculture.

Scientific work at TSPU comprises all modern fundamental and applied sciences, humanities as well as psychology and pedagogy. At present TSPU scientists research in 25 different fields of study, five of them are in psychology and pedagogy.

TSPU international relations are maintained with a big number of organizations, such as the Department of Education of the Council of Europe, UNITAR, DAAD, Goethe-Institute, IREX, Alliance Francaise, British Council, Fulbright, American Council, Carnegie Foundation and others. TSPU cooperates with 22 foreign universities and organizations.

One of the main directions of TSPU international activity is academic exchange programmes. TSPU postgraduates, students participate in academic exchange programmes on agreements with foreign universities in Poland, Austria, Italy, Norway, Japan, USA and Mongolia. For the convenience of international students and also international prospective students TSPU offers preparatory course of Russian. 

TSPU develops multilevel training in higher and professional education: 43 degrees in diploma and bachelor degree programmes and six master programmes.

TSPU offers postgraduate and advanced scientific degrees in 34 programmes. There are two doctoral councils and one joint doctoral council. Doctoral researchers are trained in 11 scientific fields.

Tomsk State Pedagogical University successfully conducts continuous education and professional development programmes.

TSPU occupies eight buildings, study and industrial building, joinery, copying laboratory, agricultural and biological station, sports and recreation centre, swimming pool, field practicum station in Kireevsk, Tomsk region.

Further information can be found on their official website.

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