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Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk Polytechnic University was founded in 1896 and currently 22500 students study in 11 Institutes and 3 Faculties at the Tomsk Polytechnic University comprehending more than 120 courses in different fields of enineering, economics, marketing, management, humanities and linguistics under the guidance and supervision of 1700 professors and instructors of which 290 are Doctors of Science and 1025 are Candidates of science (PhD).

Since its foundation, TPU has always been a polytechnic institution with a wide spectrum of areas of research and higher education. Nowadays TPU is considered one of the leading Russian technical universities occupying the 2nd position in the formal ranking of the RF Ministry of Education and Science among 150 technical higher educational institutions.

In its teaching and learning policy, TPU follows requirements and recommendations of a number of national and international professional organisations such as the Russian Association for Engineering Education, Washington Accord, ENAEE etc. Special emphasis is placed on international certification criteria for professional engineers by FEANI, APEC Engineer register and EMF.

Today TPU is gradually turning to outcome-based approach and ECTS when assessing academic achievements following regulations of the Bologna Process aimed at comprehensive development of all-European educational area. These systems provide students with an opportunity to shape their education path basing on a liberal model of teaching and learning.

University is actively developing an innovative approach to engineering education aimed at building up practical competences of future specialists. Language learning is among TPU’s first priorities encouraging international exchanges and internships. An increasing range of undergraduate scholarships and support is available for international exchanges, events and competitions.

TPU Programmes are accredited by GATE, ABET (USA), ENAEE (Belgium), NQA (Great Britain), IGIP (Austria), CEAB (Canada).


TPU is also internationally recognized as being among the very top tier of leading Russia's research oriented universities.

In 2009 Tomsk Polytechnic University got the status of “National Research University”. The TPU priority research  and education fields are as follows:

  • Rational management and advanced processing of natural resources,
  • Thermal power and nuclear engineering, alternative technologies for power generation,
  • Nanotechnology and beam-plasma technologies for processing tailored materials,
  • Information and telecommunication systems for monitoring and control,
  • Nondestructive testing and diagnostic for industrial and social purposes.

Research is undertaken in all institutes and faculties and the vast majority of the University's academic staff are working in areas which are acknowledged as undertaking work of national and international significance. Such research annually earns grants and investments.

It is noteworthy that TPU occupies the honorable first place in Russia by the number of concluded contracts with foreign partners. According to the amount of research, it takes the second place and regarding the number of patents and licenses. TPU takes the third position among all Russian higher educational institutions (46,3 per cent of a total number of patents in Tomsk).

For more information, please go to their official website.

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