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Omsk State Transport University

Omsk State Transport University (OSTU) is one of the oldest educational institutions in Siberia. The fact of its establishment is connected to the beginning of the great Trans-Siberian Railway construction which created the need in qualified railway transportation specialists.

The University’s history started in the nineties of the 19th-century. It was in 1896 when Tomsk Technologic Institute (TTI) was established by the decree of the Emperor Nicholas II. There in 1900 the training of locomotive and car engineers began. In 1961 the institute was moved to Omsk and in 1997 it acquired the university status.

Present day OSTU is a multi-discipline institute of higher education providing training in a wide range of higher professional education syllabuses: engineering, industrial production, transport and communication, economics, management and others with 4-year for bachelor’s degree, 5-year — for specialists, 6-year — for master’s degree.
High quality theoretical schooling and professional training of our graduates is provided by qualified faculty members, material resources, favorable conditions for students dwelling, nutrition, sports and recreation as well as scientific researches for production and transport enterprises conducted at the University. The University quality management system is ISO 9001-2001 certified in GOST R as well as in EVROCERT, ÖQS, IQNet. Considering the above mentioned activities, the Ministry for Education of the Russian Federation has rated OSTU № 1 in Omsk.

Our graduates work as regional railways heads, major industrial and transport enterprises directors, bank managers both in Russia and abroad.
Currently there are 6 departments and 8 chairs. OSTU trains 13.000 specialists.

Omsk is situated in the central part of Eurasia. Continental climate determines cold winters and hot summers. Winter temperatures average from –22°C to –18°C. In summer it is as high as +22°C. Total temperatures may reach –35°C in winter time and +35°C in summer. The Irtysh water temperature in summer is often higher than +22°C. There are a lot of sunny days in Omsk — the average sunny weather duration is 2,100 hours a year. The most attractive seasons here are spring and early summer with sunny weather and warm showers as well as “Indian Summer” of September.

Further information can be found on their official website.

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