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North Caucasus Federal University

NCFU is one of the biggest technical universities in the South of Russia. It is a dynamic and modern university with three campuses in Stavropol and 4 regional branches, offering high-quality education and research.

NCFU provides 46 Bachelor and Master courses for 16 500 Russian and Foreign students, representing 48 nationalities of Caucasus and 20 foreign countries. 3200 students graduate from the University every year. According to NCFU curriculum, its academic offerings are: bachelor’s degree programs, master’s programs, Ph.D. and Doctoral Programs, pre-university programs and internship. All training programs meet state educational standards and national accreditation. NCFU  promotes European programs aimed at quality enchancement of higher education and implementation of Bologna tools.   

Research in the NCFU is undertaken in all faculties and the vast majority of the University’s academic staff are working in areas which are acknowleged as undertaking work of national and international significance. Such research annually earns grants and inestments. There are 6 Scientific–research institues, 3 research centers, technopark, Research and education center “Nanotechnologies and materials” in the University. Scientific and innovation activities are carried out in 24 directions

The university has advanced ICT infrastructue and technologies implemented into educational process of 600 institutions of the region. Is is experienced in designing of web based distance learning tools and has sufficient expertise in developing distance training programmes. University complex comprises  educational facilities, traditional and electronic libraries, sports facilities and clubs, cultural center, students theater, medical center, hostels.

The structure of the University comprises 9 Faculties, three of them have bilingual programmes in Russian and English:

- Faculty of Electronics, Nanotechnologies and Chemical Technology (BSc bilingual programme in Nanotechnology)

- Information Technologies and Telecommunications Faculty
- Faculty of Oil and Gas

- Faculty of Power Engineering, Machine Building and Transport
- Faculty of Construction Engineering

- Faculty of Foodstuffs Biotechnology (BSc bilingual programme in Technology of Food Products)
- Economics and Finance Faculty (BSc bilingual programme in Management)
- Law Faculty

- Humanities Faculty

The University welcomes English speaking Master and PhD students in the subject areas: Nanotechnology, ICT, Food technology (biotechnology), Management, Tourism, Language studies, Environmental engineering.


International Activities

NCFU has sustainable cooperation  with academic partners from 12 countries. It is an active participant of regional, All-Russia and global thematic networks. Within last four years it has organized 22 international events with more than 3400 participants from 35 countries. Within the last five years NCFU has realised nine international projects among them are: Canada Russia,TEMPUS, BRIDGE, Erasmus Mundus programmes. Nowadays the university actively participates in international projects:

-Erasmus Mundus Action 2 MULTIC (2010-2012)

In 2011 20 students from NCFU were awarded scholarships for mobility flows and went to their partner universities.

-TEMPUS-JPCR Tuning Russia (2010- 2013)

-ISEKI Mundus 2 – Internationalization and Sustainability of ISEKI Food Network

-Erasmus Mundus Action 3 WISHES and STARS 



During the study at the university you will live in students’ hostel, which is situated at the main university campus. You will live in the well-planned room with new furniture. Hostel is a multinational student family.

We hope that living in the hostel will bring you joy and fun, because there you can meet interesting people from different countries. Communication with Russian students can help you to know our culture and master the language.

Sport and culture

Studying at our University you will find a lot of opportunities for your self-expression, creativity and sport activities. There are 13 sport groups at the NCFU such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling and others. You can take part in different dancing and singing competitions, attend different social events.


Stavropol – the city of the Cross!

The location of the University is one of the important criteria of your choice. Stavropol is a nice regional center in the South part of Russia situated in equal distance to Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The population of Stavropol is about 450 thousand people, over 90 nationalities with their own unique traditions and customs live here. There are a lot of cultural places and sightseeings in Stavropol, such as theaters, museums, parks, entertainment centers, picturesque places that you can explore at your free time. You can find information here:  Come and see our wonderful region yourself!

Stavropol lies in the zone with a continental climate. Relatively cold winters and hot summers are typical for this area. In mid-summer, during July and August, temperatures are pleasantly warm, sometimes hot (f.e. +30°C), humidity is not high. In winter temperatures are mostly fixed at below zero (f.e. –10°).

Our contacts

International Department of NCFU manages regular work with the foreign students: their study, registration formalities, accommodation, social life. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone/fax  +7-8652-95-65-94 – (we are working from 9:00 till 17:00 on weekdays except Saturdays and Sundays).

The department is headed by Dr. Ludmila Alieva, Director of the International Department at NCFU.

Further information about NCFU can be found on their official website.

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