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Moscow State University of Railway Engineering

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) is one of the largest complexes of education and research in Russia. It is the all-Russian leader in the sphere of training and retraining of specialists and scientific personnel for transport and transport construction.

MIIT was founded in 1896. The whole number of learners (including the pre-university training and supplementary professional education) is 126 thousand people.

The University comprises two Academies (the Russian Academy of Transport, the Russian Open Academy of Transport), nine Institutes (the Humanitarian Institute; the Institute Integrated Safety and Security; the Institute of Railway Track, Construction and Structures; the Institute of Control Systems, Telecommunication and Electrification; the Russian-German Institute, the Institute of Transport Engineering and Operations Management; the Institute of Rail Operation and Information Technologies; Economics and Finance Institute; Law Institute), three Faculties (Part time Programs Faculty; the Faculty of Pre-university Training; Advanced Training Faculty of Teachers), three Colleges (Medical College, Moscow College of Railway Transport, Law College) and Gymnasium.

The University has 37 branches in 24 subjects of Russian Federation. MIIT fulfils the pre-university training of specialists with higher education in 54 specialities; bachelors in 27 branches of learning; masters in 16 branches; specialists with high education in 32 specialities; workers’ training and re-training of mass profession in 132 specialities. The University is known for high academic standards and high quality tuition. It trains qualified specialists for 62 scientific specializations. MIIT has 12 Doctorate Scientific Councils.

The University carries out scientific and innovative activity in following basic areas:
-    transport complexes, technology and management engineering, freight transportation and car accounting work;
-    resource saving technology on Railway Transport;
-    research bridges and transport works;
-    economic problems on Railway Transport;
-    transportation safety
-    Transport Information Technologies;
-    track and track facilities;
-    railway rolling stock;
-    automation, telecommunication on Railway Transport;
-    electric power supply;
-    ecology on Railway Transport and municipal facilities;
-    transport construction;
-    high-speed running;
-    megapolis transport;
-    human resource management on Railway Transport;
-    decision judicial and civil questions on transport.

Major domestic and foreign partners of the University are the joint stock company RZD, Transstroy Corporation, Moscow Government, Russian Parlament Committees on Transport and Education, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow Metro, German, Spanish, Finnish and French Railways, companies Alstom and Siemens.

Since 1946 MIIT has been training specialists for foreign countries. Currently MIIT carries on diversified scientific, technical and academic cooperation with 76 universities and firms from 35 foreign countries. At university are trained more than 500 foreign students.

The educational Complex of the University has a modern teaching and research base and informational background, unique educational centers (including the world multimodal educational center which is unparalleled in its scope) and a supercomputer.

MIIT can boast one of the largest University libraries in Moscow with more than 4,2 million books, its status being an extra-category one. The library has 5 divisions, 24 department libraries, and 3 mobile libraries in hostels. All the services of the library have been computerized, with electronic catalogue and books bar-coding being available.

The University has seven dormitories (apartment with 2 rooms is conceived for up to 5 people - 2-3 people per room) and one apartment hotel.
The University has the House of Physical Culture, which meets all modern requirements und providing quality sports equipment. Teachers and students of MIIT have the opportunity to participate in 30 various sports. The House of Physical Culture offers a range of facilities including swimming pool, multipurpose exercising and 11 sport gyms. The House of Physical Culture provides a throughput of 700 people per hour. Sports halls are also available in the dormitories of MIIT.
The university offers the best conditions for a very rich intellectual and cultural life, and provides a learning environment for the students. The activities of 22 creative teams are organized on the basis of the Palace of Culture.

During the academic year, the students of MIIT can participate in more than 150 academical, interuniversity, county and city events, which take place in the Palace of Culture of MIIT and at the best venues in the city.

For further information, please check their official website.

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