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Irkutsk State National Research University

Irkutsk State National Research University was founded in 1930 as Siberian Mining Institute comprising 3 faculties with only 300 students. In 1993 it was renamed to Irkutsk State Technical University, in 2015 to Irkutsk State National Research University.

The University today is a dynamically developing higher educational establishment; it represents the brightest sample of a high-level university complex with well developed infrastructure, management system, scientific and productive environment as well as with multi-level educational system. It comprises 6 institutes, 4 main faculties and provides training in 88 specialties in the field of technology, economics, humanity and fine arts on the levels of Bachelor, Specialist, Master; a range of PhD and Doctorate courses is available as well. The quantity of students is more than 32 000 including more than 1200 international students. Teaching staff of the INRTU numbers 1200. Diverse University facilities, e.g. laboratories, excellent library with more than 1 500 000 books, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Center of New Computer Technologies, a number of corporate training centers etc assist the implementation of high-quality study process.

The University carries out an active international activity having about 120 cooperative agreements with foreign scientific, educational and industrial institutions from 20 countries of the world. INRTU regularly takes part in international grant programs, develops student and faculty mobility, and realizes multiple short-term study programs for foreign citizens as well.

In 2010 the University won All-Russian competition and was awarded the category “National Research University”. During the following 5 years INRTU receives additional considerable federal funding for its R&D activities what will help the University to ensure its positions as one of leaders of Russian higher education.
The INRTU Campus is in fact the only campus in Irkutsk where on the moderate territory all the University infrastructure is concentrated. It includes the main building of INRTU, 13 student dormitories including 3 ones for foreign students and staff, student clinic and sanatorium, stadium, University food and sport complexes, a number of different shops.

A special attention at INRTU has always been attached to fitness and sport. At present 35 instructors work at the Center for Physical Education which celebrated its 55th Anniversary in 2004. The students have easy access to 32 sports clubs and health groups that unite 1500 students who like any of a wide variety of sports: Aikodo, table tennis, sport rock climbing, fitness, track and field athletics (men and women), boxing, wrestling, karate, chess, skiing (men and women), basketball (men and women), volleyball (men and women), football, tae kwon do etc.

University students can enjoy all kinds of facilities to develop their creative potential. A specially organized Culture Centre aims to support social life of students. Students can join one of the following creative teams, groups and schools: folk singing ensemble “Poy, friend”, folk theater “Predmestie”, folk group “Kalina”, dance school “Steps”, jazz-band “Jam”, ball-dancing club “Academic”, poetic club “Istoki”, rap club etc.

You can check their official website for more information.

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