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Technische Universität Wien

The TU Wien (TUW) was established in 1815 as « k.k. Polytechnic Institute »and can be considered as one of the oldest technical universities in German speaking countries. Step by step it became the Vienna University of Technology (1975).


The Karlsplatz, a site close to the city centre with one of the highest cultural densities in Europe, accommodates not only the TUW but also Karlskirche, the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien, the Musikverein (home of the Philharmonic Orchestra) and the Künstlerhaus. The Staatsoper, the Konzerthaus, the Akademietheater, the Theater an der Wien, the Albertina and the Secession are located within a few minutes walking distance and build an attractive surrounding for students and professors.



In 2010/11, 26.251 students studied at TU Wien – 23% come from abroad. According to the « Bologna principles » the structure of studies moved from a 5 year-system to a 3 + 2 years system (Bachelor/Master). Students can choose from more than 20 Bachelor- programs and 40 Master-programs which cover a wide range of disciplines : Architecture, Planning, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Technical Mathematics, Technical Physics, Technical Chemistry, Surveying and Geo-information, Business Mathematics, Data Technology & Statistics, Media Informatics, Medical-Informatics, Software & Information Engineering, Technical Informatics, Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Automation Technology, Telecommunications, Industrial Computer Science and Micro-electronics.


TU Wien is successfully taking part in various international programmes on educational exchange (e.g. ERASMUS, Joint Study) and research (e.g. EU-Framework Programmes). Special service units, like the International Office or the EU-Research Support Unit provide advice for staff as well as for students.


It has always been a concern of the TUW to position itself amongst the top-ranking universities both on a national and international level. Teaching at the TUW is characterised particularly by imparting a broad fundamental knowledge combined with the option of acquiring specialist knowledge in different fields. The TUW puts very much emphasis on the linkage between theory and practice which manifests itself by continuous participation of students in research programmes. The openness for concerns of trade and industry and the high quality of the results of the research make the TUW a popular partner for innovative enterprises. Graduates of the TUW are sought-after employees by industry, business and the public sector.

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